10/24 UNC Solid Balls

10/24 UNC Solid Balls

10/24 UNC Solid Balls

10/24 UNC Solid Threaded Brass Balls

Solid brass balls with 10/24 UNC thread refer to small spheres made of solid brass material, with a threaded hole on one end that follows the 10/24 UNC (Unified Coarse) standard.

The "10/24" in the specification refers to the size and pitch of the threads. The first number, "10," represents the diameter of the thread in inches, while the second number, "24," indicates the number of threads per inch. The UNC thread standard is commonly used in North America for fastening purposes.

These solid brass balls can be used in a variety of applications such as knobs, drawer pulls, furniture legs, and decorative accents. Due to their solid construction, they are durable and can withstand frequent use and handling. The brass material also provides a classic, elegant look that complements many decor styles.

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