Weights - Loaders

Weights - Loaders

Lamp Weights and Loaders

Lamp Weights commonly known as Loaders are used for adding weight to a table lamp or Floor Lamps for stability. Available in Smaller Sizes for Table Lamps or Larger Heavy Weights for Floor Lamps.

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Lamp weights are objects used to counterbalance the weight of a lamp shade on a lamp base. They are placed inside the lampshade to help it sit straight and to prevent it from tipping over. Lamp weights come in various shapes, and sizes. They are typically inserted into the top or bottom of the lampshade and can be adjusted to achieve the desired balance. Some lampshades are designed with built-in weights, while others require separate weights to be added. Lamp weights are commonly used in table lamps, floor lamps, and other types of lamps that have heavy or large shades. Their use helps to ensure that the lamp is stable and safe to use, and can also improve the appearance of the lamp by keeping the shade straight and centered.