Hang Straights - Ceiling Adapters

Hang Straights - Ceiling Adapters

Lamp and Lighting Hang Straights and Ceiling Adapters

Hang straights are attachments used for sloped ceilings so a lighting fixture can hang perpendicular to the ceiling. There are two types of hang straights. Some have very little movement and are designed to help with slightly unlevel ceilings. The other type of hang straight has more movement and is designed for cathedral type ceilings with much more slope to them. Hang straights are always used with down rods and are never used with wire cord pendants or chain pendants since wire and chain act as hang straights on their own. For canopy use and installation instructions click here.

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A lamp hang straight, also known as a "hang-straight" or a "lamp support," is a component used to mount and secure a lamp or light fixture in a straight and level position. It typically consists of a metal rod or pipe that is connected to the lamp or fixture and used to hold it in place. The hang-straight helps to ensure that the lamp or fixture is securely suspended and remains straight and level