Flanges And Clamps - Pipe Mounting

Flanges And Clamps - Pipe Mounting

Pipe Mounting Flanges And Clamps

Flanges are lamp parts that are mounted to an object that enables the attachment of one or more other components to that object. Flanges can be rib, cross, or rim shaped and are generally screwed or bolted to the surface of an object.

Clamps will attach to any horizontal surface up to 2 inches thick, and easy wing nut adjustment holds lamp securely in position. Layer of padding on clamp protects table, desk or shelf surface; patented unique design keeps lamp secure.

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A lamp flange is a component used to mount and secure a lamp or light fixture to a surface. It usually consists of a circular ring with holes for screws or bolts and is used to attach the lamp or fixture to a surface, such as a ceiling or wall.