G9 Sockets

G9 Sockets

G9 Sockets

G9 Base Lamp Sockets

G9 sockets are a type of bi-pin socket commonly used in lighting applications, particularly in halogen and LED bulbs. G9 sockets are characterized by two pins that are spaced 9 millimeters apart from each other, hence the name "G9". The pins are typically made of metal, such as brass or copper, and are designed to fit into matching receptacles in the light fixture.

G9 sockets are typically used in small light fixtures, such as desk lamps, pendant lights, and under-cabinet lighting. They are also commonly found in chandeliers and other decorative lighting fixtures. The small size of G9 sockets makes them ideal for use in tight spaces where larger sockets would not fit.

G9 sockets are designed to handle a range of voltages, typically up to 240 volts, and they come in a variety of materials and styles to match the requirements of different lighting fixtures. Some G9 sockets are designed to be mounted directly into the fixture, while others come with leads that can be connected to the fixture using wire connectors.

Overall, G9 sockets are a versatile and widely-used component in the lighting industry, providing a secure and efficient connection between bulbs and fixtures in a compact and space-saving design.

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