Harps and Bulb Clips - Shade Harps

Harps and Bulb Clips - Shade Harps

Lamp Shade Harps and Light Bulb Clips

Lamp Shade Harps mount below the lamp socket “saddle” and holds up your lamp shade. Most harps are detachable, made up of a bottom wing piece and top harp-shaped height piece. Grand Brass Lamp Parts, LLC has a large variety of Lamp Shade Harps in many styles, shapes, and finishes

Bulb Clips As the name suggests, clip-on lamp shades are designed to clip directly onto a standard or flame type light bulb. They consist of a wire assembly secured snugly around the light bulb. Clip-on shades come with an adapter that makes each lamp shade easy to remove. They are the most flexible type of assembly.  For Common Questions about Lamp Shade Harps click here

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