Bi Pin Sockets

Bi Pin Sockets

Bi Pin Sockets

Bi-pin Lamp Sockets

Bi-pin sockets are a type of electrical connector used to connect light bulbs or lamps to a power source. They are characterized by two metal pins, typically made of brass, that fit into matching slots or receptacles in the light bulb or lamp.

The pins are typically spaced apart at a standard distance, which ensures compatibility between bulbs and sockets of the same type. Bi-pin sockets can be found in a range of sizes and voltage ratings, depending on the application.

One common use of bi-pin sockets is in fluorescent lighting fixtures, where they are used to hold the long, tubular fluorescent bulbs in place. Bi-pin sockets are also used in some halogen and LED lighting applications, as well as in certain types of audio equipment and other electronic devices.

Overall, bi-pin sockets are a simple, reliable, and widely-used component in the electrical and lighting industries, providing a secure and efficient connection between bulbs and power sources.

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