Necks, Couplings, Breaks, Columns, and Standoffs

Necks, Couplings, Breaks, Columns, and Standoffs

Lamp Necks, Breaks and Columns

Turned Brass, Stamped Plated Steel, Cast Brass Lamp Necks and Columns in a variety of Thread Configurations and Finishes. Necks are used as Breaks, or Stands for Harps and Sockets and as Columns in Lamp Building.


A lamp coupling is a short fitting that is threaded with two female ends to enable the connection of two separate pipes or rods.


[1] It is typically used for a variety of applications such as connecting two different types of pipes, rods, or cables, or for joining two pieces of a lamp together.

[2] Common types of lamp couplings include straight couplings, straight lamp pipe couplings, and adapters, barrel, brass, hex head, hexagon rod, and both regular and large knurled couplings.

[3] Available in several sizes and thread configurations, lamp couplings are typically made of brass, nickel-plated brass, or aluminum.


They can also be found in a variety of finishes, such as unfinished brass, black finish, and polished nickel finish.