Hooks - Hanging Hardware

Hooks - Hanging Hardware

Lamp Hooks

Lamp Hooks, Gravity Hooks and Swag Hooks, used to hang light fixtures, or when connecting a chain to a lamp, in both indoor and outdoor settings. With a swag hook, you can easily and safely hang your pendant lights from the ceiling. If you’re looking for a modern solution that’s easy to use and gives you the chance to take advantage of pendant lighting, it’s time to invest in hooks.

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A lamp hook is a type of hardware used to hang a lamp from a ceiling or other overhead surface. It typically consists of a hook or loop that is attached to the electrical wiring of the lamp, allowing it to be suspended from a ceiling or wall-mounted bracket. Lamp hooks can be used with various types of lamps, including pendant lights, chandeliers, and lanterns, and are typically chosen based on the weight and design of the lamp.