Shades - Glass, Metal & Plastic Lamp Shades

Shades - Glass, Metal & Plastic Lamp Shades

Lamp and Lighting Shades

Almost all lights inside homes and offices have lamp shades to cover light bulbs. Although a lamp shade is usually seen as a decorative element, its main purpose is to diffuse or redirect the light from the bulb for maximum effectiveness and protect your eyes from the bulb's glare.

Conical, cylindrical and other forms on floor, desk or table top-mounted as well as suspended lamp models are the most common and are made in a wide range of materials. It's easy to give an old lamp a brand new look with a unique lamp shade. Plus, new lamp shades brighten any room. Browse our collection of stylish cloth lamp shades, glass lamp shades, metal lamp shades, and even plastic lamp shades to add color or to help tie your decor design together.

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