Suspension Cable Systems

Suspension Cable Systems

Lighting Cable Suspension Systems 

Our adjustable connectors easily adapt to the most common applications on the market, providing a suspension system that is easy to install and almost invisible when it is set up. If you have a project that involves an unusually sloped, curved or high ceilings, our track suspension systems may be the solution for you. It is affordable, flexible and easy to install.

Insert the cable into the plunger and slide the gripper to the desired position. Where it stops it locks.

To re-adjust, simply depress the plunger with your fingertip and move the gripper to a new position. Release the plunger to lock.

The 3- or 6-ball gripping mechanism is spring-loaded and allows the gripper to move freely up the cable. It cannot move down unless the plunger is depressed. While there is any weight at all on the gripper, the plunger cannot be depressed


Cable suspension systems for light are a type of lighting fixture that utilizes a series of cables to suspend light fixtures from the ceiling. They consist of cables, suspension hardware, and light fixtures, and are designed to provide a clean and modern look for a wide range of interior spaces, including homes, offices, and commercial buildings. The cables are attached to the ceiling and to the light fixtures, and can be adjusted to change the height and angle of the light fixtures as needed. Cable suspension systems for light are highly flexible and allow for the creation of custom lighting arrangements that can be easily changed or reconfigured as needed. They are also ideal for applications where a direct ceiling mount is not possible or desirable, such as in high-ceiling spaces or in spaces with exposed ductwork or pipes.