Reducers - Thread Adapters

Reducers - Thread Adapters

Reducers and Thread Adapters


Reducers and thread adapters are threaded bushings used to reduce a thread size.

Reducers and thread adapters have a Male thread on the Outside and a Female thread on the Inside.

Reducers and thread adapters  are available with a Shoulder Stop or Fully Threaded with No Shoulder.

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A reducing thread adapter is a type of fitting that is used to connect pipes or fittings of different sizes. It is designed to reduce the size of one end of the adapter to match the size of a smaller pipe or fitting, while the other end remains the same size as the larger pipe or fitting. The reducing thread adapter has internal threads on both ends, allowing it to connect to other threaded components. Reducing thread adapters are commonly used to connect pipes and fittings of different sizes, and to allow for changes in pipe diameter along the length of a piping system.