New Grand Brass Lamp Threading Tool

New Grand Brass Lamp Threading Tool

Grand Brass Incredible 1in. Adjustable Die Handle was made by Grand Brass Lamp Parts. 

Introducing The All New Grand Brass Incredible Threading Tool! This Specialized Die Handle Makes Male Threading Pipe or Solid Rod Incredibly Easy. 

No More Struggling to Hold the Handles Level. So Easy, You can even work it with One Hand! Designed to Let the Tool Do The Work, Our Die Handle Perfectly Aligns The Die to The Pipe. No Need to Cut the Pipe Straight. Even the Worst Cut Pipe Are Threaded Straight as an Arrow! With Our Extra Guide Inserts Most of the Popular Sizes of Small Lamp Threading and Bolt Threads can Be Achieved. Fits Most One Inch O.D. Dies (Not Included), the Kit Comes with 

All You Need to make Male 1/8 IPS Pipe Threads and These Other Thread Types (Pause 5 Seconds as we display these sizes 3/8-16 , 3/8-24 , 5/16-27, 5/16-18, 1/4-20, 1/4-27, #8/32) 

Grand Brass Lamp Parts! Were Re-Designing the Way You Thread Parts!

31st Oct 2022

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